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What do you do?

I create portraits of people, and I love it. If you are looking for something outside of the studio norm, I would love to make a portrait of you or a loved one.  

There are any number of studios that can create a lovely portrait to capture a smile for this year's scrapbook.  That's not what I do, nor do I do weddings.   I  enjoy working with clients to come up with a cool portrait or concept for a picture that we can tackle together.  

I really do like working with high school seniors to let them be a fashion model for a day and capturing elegant, sweet, cool, and unique portraits. But why do  seniors have all the fun? Any kid from 1 to 100 could enjoy the fun of being a model for a day.  Create a sharp Linked-in profile picture, make a family portrait portraying all the characters from Star Wars, or maybe a special gift for a husband or wife, or anything cool, unexpected and remarkable.

- Aspiring actor needing a head shot, we can do that together.

- Got a surreal idea about floating in the woods with a burning umbrella? What!? Awesome, let's shoot that!

- Aspiring model wanting to build a portfolio, let me know, we can help each other build our portfolios. I am available for TFP arrangements.

- Want an environmental portrait showing you in your natural habitat? Maybe it's  a tennis court, fishing boat, garden or workshop? Let's make that an image you can hand down for generations to capture the real you....or the fake you, that can be cool as well.

- In doubt about what to do, but want to do something!!!! Well just let me know and we'll come up with something fun I'm sure. I'm up for anything!