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Pricing and Session Info

Photo Shoot

The Standard Session is $150,  takes a couple hours, and allows time for wardrobe changes and two locations.  

A Mini Session is $75 and should take less than an hour at a single location. 

A Special FX Session is $150 to $1000 depending on the scope of the project. The scope of the project depends on the complexities of the shoot and the estimated hours of post production required. 

Payment for the session is due the day of the photo shoot  - All pricing and session information is subject to change - Sessions are flexible,  more time or locations can always be worked out - It is expected that locations are within 15 miles of each other or additional costs may apply - More information on the types of sessions below


$50 each for the first four, $25 for the next six, and $0 after that. 

There is no minimum investment required - Images are delivered as high-resolution jpegs on CD 


Prints of your images come from a professional printer that we have worked with to calibrate our systems to match their printing process. This ensures that the color and details of the image match the photographer’s vision for the portrait. Furthermore, the prints are on a high quality paper with a protective coating. Our printer provides different papers and mounting options to best suit the image, along with many photo products including canvas wraps, wall clings, and cards. Printing prices are reasonable for the professional results you get. You can of course use your own printer for the images you purchase. 

Standard Session

Here’s your chance to be the model in a photo shoot. You will work with the photographer to get the most beautiful, cool, gorgeous, handsome, [insert your favorite adjective here] portrait. We will discuss different types of pictures, poses, locations, outfits, and props ahead of time to make sure we are well prepared for at least a two hour photo shoot. 

Mini Session

Perfect for when you just need a few professional pictures to share with family and friends. The photo shoot will take 45 minutes or less with 2 to 10 portraits to choose from. 

Special FX Session

Step beyond the norm to create a truly amazing portrait. Often referred to as conceptual photography, the FX Session is about creating a fantastic, maybe even unreal special-effect print that is limited only by our imagination. The cost varies based on the complexity of the project, however once the scale of the project is determined a final price will be set. The price includes the image, and an 18x24 poster-sized print.

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How do we get started?

The first step is contacting us to discuss which session works best for you. We can then work out a date for the shoot and discuss locations, poses, styles, and wardrobe.  On the day of the photo shoot we will be following a plan we worked out ahead of time. We will not take tons of pictures and flood you with hundreds of options. Rather, we will take our time at the shoot, taking deliberate pictures and selecting the best to process, retouch and offer for sale. Your pictures will be posted online for you to view within 10 days of the photo shoot.